A few photographs of recent events.

Children's party in the main hall

Inflatable fun

Dore School of Performing Arts

Dore School of Performing Arts

Dore School of Performing Arts

Friday Art Club's Annual Exhibition

Redback performing for a Transport S17 Fundraiser

Friday Art Club

Friday Art Club

Christmas at the Community Centre

Christmas at the Community Centre

A photo inside the main hall showing a band on the stage and a room full of people

Fundraising band night

Photo showing a group ready to set off on a health walk from the front of the community centre

Sheffield Health Walks

The main hall, decorated for a music performance. There is a band on the stage, fairy lights and people sat at tables watching the band

Jazz  Night  Dore Festival Week

Members of the Literature group meeting in the Large Back Room

Dore Literature Group, in person and online in The Large Back Room

The large back room decorated with bunting and set out ready for a party buffet with the tables placed against the walls to allow people to walk though and collect food

Large Back room set up ready for a party buffet

The man hall decorated for  party with bunting and fairly lights. Tales and chairs positioned in the back section of the hall and a space left for dancing in front of the stage

Hall decorated for a catered party

Outdoor catering in the Cope Memorial garden

The Filling Station in the Cope Memorial Garden

Nativity Scene at the Community Centre