Video Tour

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Main Hall

This is a picture of the main hall taken from the stage looking towards the back of the hall. There are trolleys of chairs stored at the back. There is an entrance/exit door on ether side of the back wall. Wooden floor and grey curtains at the windows. TV screens on the walls, .
Main Hall.mp4

Suitable for:

Capacity: 80 seated at tables. 120 seated without tables. 

Dimensions: 14m x 10m

Large Room

This is the large back room. It has a laminate floor, a trolley with chairs,  4 fold-down tables, a wall-mounted TV screen and turquoise curtains
This is the large back room showing the serving hatch that connects the room to the kitchen. There are turquoise curtains at the windows and the floor is wood-look laminate.

Suitable for:

Equipped with:

Capacity: 20 seated at tables. 30 seated without tables.

Dimensions: 6m x 3m


This picture is of the kitchen and shows the 6 hob cooker, a central island made from stainless steel, coffee machines, kettles, wood-look laminate flooring, white walls and the serving hatch with shelving below it. It also shows some of the grey wall cupboards

Equipped with:

The Ark

photo of Ark kitchen area with two small dining tables with chairs and a breakfast bar
Photo of the lounge area of the Ark with sofas and armchairs

Only available for regular events. No one off events.

Suitable for: